Youth Activities

Holly Mount places great importance on the children and young people in the church and values the contribution they make to the life of the church.

We aim:
  • to provide a Christian education for children and young people as part of the family of the church;
  • to provide opportunity for children to learn and play together with others of their own age on a Sunday;
  • to encourage participation in the life and worship of the United Reformed Church in Malvern;
  • to encourage participation in the wider youth activities of the United Reformed Church, particularly FURY, the Fellowship of United Reformed Youth;
  •  to provide an ecumenical midweek activity for children.

Some of the activities for children and young people include (click to follow):

In addition to the regular events taking place for children and young people, there are other activities that are arranged for, and by, young people and their leaders. These include:

  • Summer Parachute Fun Days;
  • Seeds For Life Project;
  • Christmas services;
  • Lent services;
  • Participation in activities in schools, including the ‘Palm Friday’ and Christingle services; Spring Into Life (leading assemblies and lessons at local schools);
  • Summer trip
  • Contribution to the life of the church throughout the year

To see if there are any upcoming one-off events, please see the Events page.

Andrew Webb,
11 Aug 2012, 07:51